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Steph's always ready when I arrive and makes my massage therapy session her focus. I'm a multi-sport athlete, and find the sports massage very beneficial for recovery, stretching, and dealing with the aches and pains of training. Stephanie is experienced, has great technique, and is willing to adjust and fine-tune the massage to accommodate new aches and pains. You will find her to be professional, and friendly, leading to a relaxing experience.                        Steve R. / Elizabethtown, PA

July 2011, I had major back/spine surgery, I now have 2 rods, 28 screws, 3 cross peices along with fusion and bone grafting to repair my spine. I wasn't ready for what was to follow after the surgery, the muscles in my back where so stretched out and the nerves where damaged. The doctor's say it would take up to 3 years for things to return to normal and live a normal life.

To: Stephanie Barbush (Natural Effects Therapeutic Massage)

I would like to thank you for taking the time in helping me with your Massage Therapy treatments. At the consultation you where honest and said there was no guarantee fix, but you where willing to try and help, when others wouldn't with the amount of damage done. I really appreciate that when I come to your office I feel that you treat me like a person,  I get your full attention, not in a rush and you don't treat me like a paycheck. Before I came to you I relied on pain killers and muscle relaxers I was taking 280 pills every 2 weeks. Since we have started therapy I am able to cut my pills down to 120 a month,  I am able to move easier with my construction job and be more active with my kids. Steph I don't think words can tell/show you how much you have done and continue to do with your massage therapy.                         Kevin McDaniel/ Jonestown, PA

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